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Debt Recovery

IVA Advice

We have successfully helped another client with debt issue, advising them of all options and guiding through into an IVA. 


We have been approached by a client to advise on a personal debt solution, we have now assisted in putting them into a DRO. 

I.V.A Case Complete 
Following instruction, we have assisted a client and the IP with IVA case. 

IVA Approved for our client

We are pleased to confirm that we have just helped another local professional through the process of completing an IVA, the best solution for these clients requirements. 

Person Debt

We can now confirm that we have been formally appointed after advising a client for some months to assist with all personal debt issues and managing the client's funds. So far we are all very pleased we have managed to formally agree on new terms on the client's mortgage and they can now remain in their property.   


We are pleased to confirm that we have now been appointed to manage all the debts of our private client and handle the sale of property required.  

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